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Doctor Dan, of has broad experience in business automation. Whether you need help in choosing a new accounting system, integrating and managing E-mail in your office, establishing a presence on the Internet, building a database of photographic images or designing a new generation system, we can assist you in evaluating your options and making the right choice.

System Integration Services

In the decades of experience that brings to a project, we have learned that most business problems can be solved by the integration of off-the-shelf products in innovative combinations.
There are hundreds of quality software products on the market today. With the emergence of Microsoft Windows, these products have become standardized and can cooperate in ways undreamed of a few years ago.
In many cases, off-the-shelf products can and should be the foundation of business systems.

For some business requirements, a product can be found that directly and completely addresses the business needs. In other cases, two or more products can be integrated to provide a solution. If not, products can frequently be "glued" together with minor programming effort.
Whatever the case in your business, Doctor Dan can help you define and implement a cost effective solution.

Custom Programming Services

If programming is required to solve your business needs, has the experience to do the job right. Our experience allows us to objectively recommend the programming language, database and environment that is right for your needs.

Database Applications

Most business automation centers around the need to acquire, manage, update, query and report data. This can be provided by a simple record management system, a local relational database, or a client/server database. Choosing the right data access method, structure and set of tools is one of the most important steps in automating business processes. has experience in many well-known database products.


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