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Project Management
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The Process to Increased Efficiency:
bulletYou and Doctor Dan, as a team, will follow these steps to identify your immediate and future needs, as well as goals to maximize your productivity.
bulletFor your business to thrive, your networks and personal computers must perform more than these basic tasks; word processing, file management, printing.
bulletYour advantage of a more efficient system allows you to ACCESS, STORE , MANAGE, ANALYZE, and effectively SUPPORT your daily work flow.
bulletYour needs are best met after we follow this process;

Analyze Your Needs

Review your computerized and manual procedures
Examine your existing software and hardware efficiency
Assess your employees' computer literacy levels
Consider your future goals and objectives
Maximize your equipment placement
Show you immediate benefits

Steps for your Design And Development

Optimize your current software and hardware
Create economical network solutions
Develop valued databases and application group solutions
Facilitate users' knowledge
Maximize system integration abilities
Design schematics for hardware placement
Effective communication design
Define internal and external responsibilities
Estimate time requirements


Implement the processes you select
Event reports on project progress
Manage projects off-line
Develop operation goals


Training on hardware and software
Ongoing maintenance program
Cost efficient upgrades and changes


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